Bienvenue . Voici les règles du jeu pour le Memory des Runes. Venez jouer avec nous et faites le meilleur score possible.

Règle du Jeu :

  • Retournez deux cartes. Si les images sont identiques, le jeu laisse les cartes visibles.
  • Si les images sont différentes, les cartes se retournent faces cachées là où elles étaient.
  • La partie est terminée lorsque toutes les cartes ont été assemblées par paires.

Tentez de gagner avec le moins d'essais possible.

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About Us

This site, along with the various Rune readings, is offered by the website Energie Denis Sanchez.

You can take a look by following the link:

It's the year 2023, but the idea and desire to create a site around runes have been with me for over 7 years. My friend Franck B is passionate about runes, has been since his childhood, and works with them every day. He has written a lot about them and had the idea of creating an application around runes. Through our conversations, I got involved. That's how we started creating this site and these readings. For your information, Franck is currently writing a book about Runes; I'll provide more details as soon as it's available.

A little help

So that you truly know the whole story of this site, let me tell you what happened next.

Being a trainer in the field of IT, I had trainees who couldn't find internships to validate their year. In discussions, I proposed they join this adventure. That's how Corentin and Gaspard joined. Later on, Jeremy, a former trainee who also needed to retake his title, worked on the testimonial part, thanks to him.

In December 2023: 3 new people joined the team. Bryan, Maxime and Olivier

We decided to completely overhaul the site, simplifying the user journey, adding a more Viking, Nordic side and starting the gamification of it.

After more than 2 months of work, here is the new version of the site on the universe of runes.

As of February 6, 2024, you are on the second version of the site.

There are still small things to improve. Moreover, if you see any mistakes, you can contact us here: Webmaster Tirage Runes

Meanwhile, you can already start enjoying the site and the magic of runes.

Thank you for participating in the use of this site.

With our sincere thanks,

The entire Tirage Runes team.

Make your first readings: Launch a Rune reading

Release notes

Version 2.0 : 06/02/2024

  • Complete redesign of the site
  • New graphic charter.
  • Added new prints.
  • Implementation of gamification.
  • Modification of the administration part of the site.
  • Improved testimonials ability to give a rating.
  • Redesign of the wiki with the history of runes, deities, the symbolism of each rune.
  • Possibility of playing a piece of music on the site with the addition of an audio player.
  • Setting up the subscription and payment via stripe.
  • Possibility of playing rune memory.

Version 1.2: 28/09/2023

  • Added a link for Rune readings outside the menu just below the person's name.
  • Correction for updating user profiles.
  • Modification of the display of the Rune page.
  • Correction in the administration to be able to modify the Runes.
  • Modification in the administration of the user pages.
  • Improvement of testimonials on the display of the photo and administration.

Version 1.1: 21/09/2023

  • Added testimonials.
  • Correction in the administration to be able to modify the Runes.

Version 1.0: 21/09/2023

  • First version of the site.
  • Set up the home page.
  • Set up the different Runes and their symbolism.
  • Set up the history of the Runes.
  • Set up the deities.
  • Set up the different readings.
  • Set up the General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Use.
  • Restriction of one reading per day per type of reading.
  • Possibility to register and log in.
  • Possibility to go back and see previous readings.
  • For now, registered users cannot subscribe on their own. They can only do the first reading.

If you notice a bug or want to share ideas or constructive feedback, you can contact us Webmaster Tirage Runes

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